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The Goethezeitportal –
A huge Step of arts towards the future of multimedia

The Internet opened new dimensions of research and development of knowledge respective the sciences. This is especially true for the arts. The Institute of German Philology of the University of Munich realized this chance and gave life to a project, which is unique in Germany. A team of young and ambitious scientists under leadership of Professor Doctor Jäger, Professor Doctor Martin Huber and Doctor Danica Krunic permits the built-up of two portals, one which concentrates on specific knowledge versus Goethe and which is called “Fachportal” and one which concentrates on more cultural and general information of the times in which lived Goethe and which is called “Kulturportal”.


How to understand the Goethezeitportal

The “Goethezeitportal” is an Internet window, which gives an impression of the most important period of German arts, literature and culture: to the times in which lived Goethe. It is a multimedia interface between science and public, which guaranties a constant quality concerning the contents for the competence of its collaborators.

The “Goethezeitportal” separates itself in “Kulturportal”, a portal of culture and in a “Fachportal”, a more specific portal. The “Kulturportal” enlightens the significance of Johann Wolfgang Goethe regarding to German history. It enables a quick view to the times in which lived Goethe and presents life and work of the most important poets in Germany, embedded in art, literature, music, philosophy and theology in the times around 1800. Regarding the scientific choice and the grouping of information the “Goethezeitportal” tries to become an enormous center of information concerning the times of Goethe. Still the “Goethezeitportal” does not just try to reach scientific readers, but also tries to reach all the people who are interested in our culture. Due to the combination of old cultural values and their new multimedia presentation the “Goethezeitportal” is the qualified scene to combine cultural feuilleton and arts lively.

Besides the conservation of our cultural tradition the “Goethezeitportal” will offer, helped by the Internet, a platform for actual cultural discussions in terms of editorial attended pages.

The “Fachportal” is evidence of the research work of scientists and concentrates on presentation within the more specific domains. A special communication networking, a virtual data centre, a database of research and a publication platform will constitute this level. The project “Goethezeitportal” is embedded in the Centre of Electronic Publishing in Arts (ZEPL) at Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. Here the data for the electronic publishing will be gathered and meta-data exchange in terms of standard and archiving of data will be developed.


The object of the Goethezeitportal

The first object of the “Goethezeitportal” is to develop an instrument of innovative culture intermediation, which strengthens the representation of German culture and European identity and brings a cultural communication forward. Innovative technology is supposed to permit new forms of cultural exchange.

A further object is the updating of scientific communication. The communication between scientists and interested people as to the Internet is fast and effective. The “Goethezeitportal” understands itself as a place of scientific publication and addresses itself to scientists all over the world, to help establish the portal as a network of research in arts and teachings.

The “Goethezeitportal” stands for the editing of knowledge and for the intermediation of knowledge in respect to the future – based on a concise idea of Goethe’s times, the team will develop paradigms for a new kind of communication in arts, developing at the same time an instrument to spread knowledge.

Munich, 1 of February 2003

Das Fach- und Kulturportal der Goethezeit